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Walton County Huddles

Senior Leader Spotlight- Class of 2019

"To me, FCA has meant having a safe space in the school to come and be in God's word with people that we do life with every day but may never otherwise get to know. It has given me the opportunity to start my day by meeting and learning about the Bible with people in my community and how to spread His love further within it. It's truly meant the world to be able to experience." ~Shawna Miller, Walnut Grove HS

"FCA has been an escape from the normal everyday school day and it has allowed me to go into a space and share my faith with common minded people. FCA has given me strength to live out my faith and to show others the love of Jesus." ~Chandler Key, Walnut Grove HS

“FCA has been very meaningful to me. I love participating during the middle of the school week when assignments, life, & responsibilities get hard. It is comforting to walk into Mrs. Steele’s room and sit down and have fellowship with other teenagers who are going through similar things. We all help comfort one another and understand how stressful life can be as teens. We give Godly advice, which is not given anywhere else around school!”~Hannah Steele, George Walton Academy

"FCA has been a place where I could deepen my faith with God and strengthen my relationship with others. My heart for people has most definitely grown, and FCA has taught me that we all have unlimited Godly potential."~Douglas Givens, Monroe Area HS

"FCA showed me that there is always a way to bring God to our schools, even when it seems unheard of He always reminds us that He is the creator and can conquer anything, especially when a group of such passionate high schoolers are there." ~Sierra Baldwin, Monroe Area HS

"To me, FCA has been more than a group of High School students gathering to learn about God but it has been a place for students to come and rejoice in all that God has done in our lives." ~Hillary McDaniel, Monroe Area HS

"FCA has provided me with deep relationships, leadership growth, and a desire for the Lord that I would've never gotten anywhere else. It is the best and my most favorite part of my high school experience."~Madeline Morris, Loganville HS